Photo Friday – March 20, 2015

If you’re watching the seconds tick down until the weekend, that means it’s time for another Photo Friday here on Modern Hiker.

We’re going to start things out with an absolutely beautiful shot from Diana, who took a little one with her to the Antelope Valley for this incredible image. She said this image is from the end of Avenue M, west of Quartz Hill Elementary School, proving that even though the Preserve’s bloom may have been stunted by the heat, there are still good places nearby to get your poppy on.

Cuong took this photo of his friend contemplating the view from the trail to Mount Baldy. Even though it’s a tough hike, Baldy’s always a reliable place to beat the heat … or at least, get up where it’s slightly cooler!

This photo makes it look like Demonica is just resting on a bench on the Los Liones Trail, but according to her caption she was waiting for someone to accompany her past a bobcat and rattlesnake that were fighting on the trail. It is definitely rattlesnake season right now – I’ve seen one on the last three hikes I’ve done – just remember to give them a lot of room and just let them do their rattlesnake thing if you encounter one. They don’t want to be near you any more than you want to be near them.

And finally, Jefferson closes us out this week with a view of his morning routine – enjoying the steep staircase at Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook.

Stair climbing #morningroutine #modernhiker

A photo posted by Jefferson Hadi (@jeffersonshadi) on

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