Photo Friday – June 20, 2014

Congratulations! We all made it through another week, and our just reward is a weekend full of fantastic hiking with clear skies, clear air, and a clear path to your favorite burrito joint for your recovery meal.

We had some more great shots submitted to the Modern Hiker Flickr Pool for this week’s Photo Friday, so without further ado …

Flickr user ISO1977 kicks things off with a fantastic image on Mount Baldy, complete with snow, sun, and a distant marine layer keeping the lowlands cozy.

thin air

Mguzik caught this portrait of an ancient mountaintop dweller on a recent hiking trip …


While our very own Contributing Writer Shawnté Salabert got this picture of her tough climb up the back of Kelso Dune in the Mojave Desert, but we’re betting the view from the top was worth it.

Kelso ridge

And finally, this unbelievable view of Tioga Pass from frequent contributor Zachary Bailey. How could you look at that and NOT want to get outside?

Tioga Pass

Thanks again to everyone who continues to submit their favorite images to the Modern Hiker Flickr Pool.

Also, some of you have said the Flickr Pool is a little too difficult to use or you just don’t feel like having to remember another password (which I TOTALLY get). Now you can now just tag Modern Hiker on social media to let us see your photos! On Twitter and Instagram, use the hashtag #modernhiker (and ping us at @modernhiker if you’ve got room), or you can post a photo to our Facebook Wall with the hashtags #modernhiker and #photofriday.

Now you’ve got no excuses – When you get out onto the trails this weekend, don’t forget to snap a few of your own for next week!

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