Photo Friday – January 30, 2015

You’re so close to the weekend, everyone. SO CLOSE YOU CAN FEEL IT. But we know what it’s like to get through those last couple hours on Friday. Some stupid phone conference meeting where someone keeps hanging up; no one made more coffee in the break room after finishing the last pot; someone accidentally hit Reply All and now they’re sending an office-wide recall notice on Outlook – all of it’s just in the way of you and your hiking boots.

Well, that’s why we do Photo Friday every week – to show off some amazing reader-submitted photos AND to help you give something nice to think about instead of those TPS reports.

First up is frequent contributor C.R.A.I.G., who took advantage of our post-rain clear skies to snap this beautiful shot near the Wisdom Tree, with downtown L.A. and the Hollywood Reservoir as his backdrop.

I’m telling you guys, get out and enjoy those clear skies now – ’cause June Gloom is just around the corner!

Jackie just came back from the Big Horn Mine near Mount Baden-Powell, where she had some beautiful views of the snow-capped San Gabriels and a most excellent backcountry frame for her photo.

There are few things that are guaranteed to make me smile as much as seeing parents taking their toddlers hiking with them, and today aqsurf delivers in spades. The Muir quote about “tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people” may hit home today, too.

And finally, Lindsey gives us a throw-back to a fishing trip up at Yosemite’s beautiful Cathedral Lakes.

All of this week’s winners will receive a free copy of the new Opus Orange EP Outside In, which was recorded off-the-grid above 10,000 feet in the Eastern Sierra. It’s a beautiful album and I hope you all enjoy it. The album is also for sale right now on iTunes and Bandcamp and I highly recommend you pick it up.

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Have an amazing weekend, everyone – it’s supposed to be sunny, so get out there and enjoy some post-rain hikes while the air is cool and clear!

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