Photo Friday – February 20, 2014

If you’re looking out your office windows counting down the seconds until you get to enjoy a proper weekend, it’s time for another Modern Hiker Photo Friday.

We start things off this week with Saina Kamula, who shared this great wildflower shot from Bear Canyon on the way to Switzer Falls. The flowers are popping a bit early this year, but they’re still easy on the eyes!

dcamb celebrated his Valentines Day on the ever-popular Cucamonga Peak, and used this candy container as his high-calorie hiking buddy. One of the best parts about a long hike like that is that you get to eat whatever you want and nobody can say anything about it.

Oscar Rosales took a hike near Bee Rock in Griffith Park to snap this clear sky, green grass view. I’ve been doing some morning trail runs in the park to prepare for the upcoming Firecracker 10k and the park is really, really beautiful right now. I even saw some California poppies hiding out just below Glendale Peak the other day.

And finally, jwd518 took our advice and trekked out to Fish Canyon to see it’s now-flowing waterfall. Along the way, he also noticed how green and beautiful the trail was … I just hope he didn’t pick up any poison oak like I did!

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