Photo Friday – December 19, 2014

It’s the last Photo Friday before the holidays kick into full force, and the bulk of Los Angeles evacuates to colder climates for family gatherings.

We here at Modern Hiker are going to be on a light publication schedule for the rest of the year – we’ll be working on some behind the scenes goodies and getting a nice batch of trail write-ups ready for January. We’ll also be manning our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts for anyone else who’ll be staying in SoCal during the holidays (or just missing it while they’re snowed in somewhere else!).

In that spirit, we’ll start things off with a bit of fun in the snow from Lorena Ramos, who took advantage of our recent winter storms and traveled up to Timber Mountain with a bunch of friends. I can’t really tell if they had a good time from this photo, though …

Next up, Teddy was doing some trail running up in Northern California in this beautiful location in Walnut Creek but the weather didn’t stay this nice. Mud running is fun, too, right?

CA Hiker was doing his thing up near the lightly-visited Kratka Ridge when he snapped this great shot looking over the San Gabriels.

And finally, longtime reader Raphael went into the Angeles National Forest / San Gabriel Mountains National Monument on a beautiful winter day and saw this beautiful sunset scene looking past downtown Los Angeles to Catalina.

LA Basin and Catalina Island in Sunset

Thanks to everyone who submitted – and continues to submit – their amazing photos. You can be featured on our Photo Friday by tagging your photos with #modernhiker on Instagram or Twitter, or by submitting them to our Flickr Group Page.