Perk Prices Reduced!

Our campaign is now 10 days in and we are very happy to report that we have raised $12,548!

That amounts to 31% of what we need to meet our fundraising goal and deliver the site we’ve always wanted to make for you and a fast and easy way to find your new favorite trail – no matter where you are. So while we’re doing well, we’re just a little bit behind where we need to be in order to meet our goal on time.

If you haven’t yet contributed to our crowdfunding campaign, now would be a perfect time. We just dropped the prices on several of our perks, including a private, all-day bike tour of Los Angeles FOR FIVE (!) from Bikes and Hikes L.A. and our own Private and Group Hikes in Southern California. In addition, we’ve also ADDED a perk – a full day’s worth of meals from Packit Gourmet – possibly the best packaged food you’ll ever eat in the backcountry. And to celebrate our small donors – we have also ADDED our limited-edition campaign sticker to everyone who contributes $5 or more.

With fundraising efforts like this, it’s easy to just think that someone else is going to give money. Although we’ve received many donations from our amazing readers and fans, only 1% of our monthly readership has contributed to the campaign so far.

If you value what we do here at Modern Hiker, please consider contributing. If you’ve found a great new trail or used us to plan a backpacking weekend; if one of our nature shots has brightened your day on Instagram; if you value a site that will fight to hold National Parks vandals accountable even in the face of lawsuit threats, or you appreciate having a trusted source of information about local outdoor policies that affect you, please consider making a donation. If every one of our readers chipped in just $5, we would meet our fundraising goal in less than a single day.

Here’s a little vlog I threw together about where we are right now (you can see the previous one on our YouTube page). We’ll be answering any questions about the campaign, what we’re trying to accomplish, or anything else – so feel free to leave questions in the comments here or on the YouTube video itself. You can contribute to our campaign and find out more about the future of Modern Hiker right here.

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