What with the bloggy trail chatter at a lull today, I decided to finally sit down and have a better look at a new social site called Outdoorzy.

It’s kind of like a MySpace for people who actually get outside once in a while, and instead of spam bulletins about profile trackers and free iPhones, you get lots of great information and interaction with like-minded internet folks. There are also a lot less mopey, oddly-angled profile pictures.

There are dedicated forums for all sorts of outdoor activities from hiking to parasailing, and calendars for people to setup bigger group hikes. But the most interesting areas of the site are the Trip Reports and the Gear sections.

The Gear page is particularly useful, as you can find gear organized by type and see how your fellow outdoorspeople liked it, or you can view people’s gear lists for specialized activities – like braving the horrors of an outdoor concert festival.

The site is still in its early stages, but it’s well worth checking out and poking around. And, as with any social-type site, the more people get involved, the better it will be.

Assuming, of course, that you still swing by here, too. You don’t want us getting lonely, do you?