A Happy 2013 to everyone!

As some of you may remember, the show I wrote for finished its production at the end of December, so now I find myself with quite a bit more free time on my hands. So far this year I’ve just done a few short local hikes to get moving, but tomorrow I’ll be going off the grid for ten days.

Surprisingly, this particular trip won’t involve any hiking – but I will be in Joshua Tree at the Southern California Vipassana Center. I’m not a meditator, but this class was recommended by dozens of people and none of them could put into words what the class actually did – so that intrigue combined with my resolution to not be afraid to try new things will have me driving off into the desert tomorrow afternoon. And hey – if I freak out and have to leave, I can get in a few J-Tree hikes before I head home.

When I get back, I’ve got a huge list of things I want to do for Modern Hiker that I’ll finally actually have time to accomplish – so stay tuned for some hopefully great things soon … just forgive me for not being able to answer any emails or questions until I get back. Until then …


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