nullI am resisting the “Fallen Arch” title that everyone else seems to be in love with, but must still sadly report that there will be one less arch greeting visitors to the National Park named after them — as Wall Arch crumbled and fell recently.

According to the National Park Service, the center of the arch fell sometime during the night of August 4th, and as of August 7th, the rest of the arch was still crumbling and falling off. Or, as Chief Ranger Denny Ziemann told the Salt Lake Tribune, “it just went kaboom.”

Apparently, no one injured by the fall – which is good – or witnessed the rare geologic event – which is too bad, as it would have made a kick-ass Visitors’ Log entry at the Park HQ.

For those thinking about changing their vacation plans, worry not — Arches has more then 2,000 of the sandstone formations within its boundaries.

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