nullCharges have been filed against a 13 year-old boy, who authorities believe is responsible for starting the 2100-acre Morris Fire, between the San Gabriel and Morris Reservoirs north of Azusa.

The little-mentioned Morris Fire started one day apart from the Station Fire, but officials do not believe this boy is responsible for the much larger blaze. Right now, KTLA is reporting that the boy will be charged with arson, while the San Gabriel Valley Tribune says the sheriffs’ department will initially charge the boy with “recklessly starting a fire,” and let the assigned prosecutor determine whether an arson charge is warranted. The charges will officially be filed tomorrow, although I imagine the boy’s identity will remain under-wraps due to his status as a minor.

I come from somewhat of a law enforcement family, and am always impressed by the way these public officials are able to piece together the clues and evidence like this, especially in cases where I have to imagine the vast majority of evidence has been on fire. Kudos to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Arson / Explosives Detail, and best of luck in finding whoever started the Station Fire.

image of firefighter by smokeshowing.

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