Tomorrow morning, I’ll be off to Arizona with nine other outdoor enthusiasts from across the country as part of Columbia Sportswear’s OmniTen program. We’ll be spending time doing outdoorsy things in Sedona for a few days before heading for a backpacking trip in Havasu Canyon. The last time I was there was back in March of 2008 and it snowed at the Canyon Rim. I have a feeling this will be a bit different.


Along the way, we’ll be testing a lot of Columbia and Mountain Hardwear gear – most of which we don’t even know about yet. However, based on the hint-dropping emails we’ve been getting, I’m guessing a lot of it will be focused on how to stay cool in hot temperatures while on the trail … at least I hope it is, because it’s supposed to be above 90 degrees almost every day we’re there!

I will try to update with new info as the trip progresses — at least until we all unplug for the Havasu Canyon portion of the journey. You can follow myself and the other OmniTen on Twitter, or stay tuned to Columbia’s “Project Z” page on Facebook.

For a more entertaining and energetic explanation of this whole deal, I’ll turn it over to fellow OmniTen member Jon Bausman:

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