‘Off the Beaten Path’ in L.A.

The fine folks at Pacifico Beer asked me to pick one of my favorite “off the beaten path” locations here in Southern California to show off to new visitors, and after a bit of debate I had to choose one of the best and most surprising hikes in the L.A. area: the Bridge to Nowhere.

East Fork San Gabriel River

The East Fork of the San Gabriel River

This 10 mile hike takes you away from the traffic and strip malls of the L.A. sprawl and into a different world – and time. As you hike along (and through) the East Fork of the San Gabriel River – keep your eyes peeled. You’ll note remnants of a failed attempt to build a road through the canyon in the 30’s, including some abandoned tunnels and even leftover bits of asphalt from the road grade.

Old Road Grade in East Fork

The old road grade – with bits of asphalt visible

Eventually you’ll round a corner and see the true star – a 120-foot concrete arch bridge that was left in the Canyon after a massive flood in 1938. Scramble back down to the river to hang out in swimming holes and watch bungee jumpers leap from the bridge. #sponsored