npower PEGThe main thing all hikers do is hike, obviously. One of the main things modern hikers do is hope the batteries on their GPS unit don’t crap out in the middle of their track. Stitching those things together when you get home can be kind of a pain. But now, a new device aims to make use of the first activity to prevent the latter.

The nPower PEG is a small electrical generator that uses the kinetic force of normal, everyday motion to create a current you can use to charge a variety of devices, giving most of them an 80% charge with only an hour’s worth of walking. Not too shabby. And I guess the $150 estimated price tag isn’t too bad if you factor in all the batteries and / or electricity you’d be saving … ok, maybe not yet, but they might drop the price before launch. And if not, it’ll certainly give you green bragging rights.

The device was visible at CES, but ordering information hasn’t yet been posted on the company’s web site, although they do assure us that pre-orders are coming soon.

Via Treehugger.

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