Alright, New Zealand. I get it. You want me to come visit. I’m working on it, already! You don’t have to try so hard.

Apparently, New Zealand is not immune from the global economic meltdown, and recently had a nation-wide brainstorming session to try to come up with ideas that would boost their economy and their sagging tourist numbers. One of the ideas that caught the Prime Minister’s eye was a cycling path that would run the entire length of the two islands, as reported by Michelle Waitzman.

Not only is a cycling path potentially in the works, but the country-long hiking path known as Te Araroa also wants in on the federal handouts. They’re scheduled to finish the path by 2010, and have several shovel-ready projects that could help speed up that completion date.

What are we doing over here? Giving money to banks that double the interest on my credit cards for no reason?

Via Besthike

Image by kiwinz.

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