When you think of the Weather Channel, you probably don’t think of actual shows (Andy Richter’s late 90’s adventure notwithstanding, of course), but the Atlanta-based meteorology network has been dabbling with narrative programming these days.

Their latest show is of interest to outdoor shutterbugs – From the Edge with Peter Lik debuts on Thursday, March 31st at 8PM. Its 13 episodes will follow the renowned Aussie photographer from Hawaii to Alaska, Death Valley, Utah, and places in between. He’ll take you through all the prep work in setting up a good shot, and tell the stories behind some of his classic photos.

And he’s Australian, so it’ll be entertaining.

Note – I’ve had a few issues getting this video playing in Chrome. If you’re having trouble, try loading it up in another browser.

The Weather Channel asked me to let you know they contacted me with this information, but it is not a sponsored post. Heck, I don’t even have cable – but the show looks pretty cool. Hope they put some eps online!

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