If some trail-tracker sees a huge spike in hikers on the John Muir Trail next year, you can probably preemptively go ahead and give all that credit to The Muir Project – the team behind Mile … Mile and a Half.

I’ve been following these guys since they released their first footage last year – and I met them at the West LA Adventure 16 at a recent Q&A / sneak peak at their new trailer. Every time they release new footage, I want to take a month off of work and hit this trail. The first trailer was epic, and their newest trailer is no different:

MILE… MILE & A HALF (trailer 2) from The Muir Project on Vimeo.

Astute viewers may also note some exquisite Moleskine art from the one and only Kolby ‘Condor’ Kirk at :14 and :18 in the trailer.

You can help fund this epic project at Kickstarter, and be sure to check their Facebook page for the latest updates.

The team will also be at L.A. area REIs over the next few weeks, showing off new footage and photos, answering questions and giving away some goodies. They’ll also be joined by Opus Orange – the band who scored the documentary and also joined them on the trail (they were pretty great at A16!)

They’ll be at the Tustin REI at 7PM on August 31, the Manhattan Beach REI at 6:30PM on September 11, and the Arcadia REI at 7PM on September 26.

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