I’m working on a few site improvements in the background, while continuing to find you the best hiking trails and news in Los Angeles. Here’s what’s coming soon:

– A “Frequently Asked Questions” page about hiking in L.A.

– A page of recommended gear

– New “map to trailhead” links on all hike write-ups, which will give you Google Maps driving directions to exactly where the trailhead starts (this is already live on the newer write-ups)

– Revamped photo gallery of my favorite images

– And maybe some more stuff, if I can do it without it becoming a major time-sink

One feature that is new, but LIVE, is the brand new Modern Hiker Forum, powered by SimpleForum. Enough people have asked me where they can find people to hike with that I figured hey – why not just start a board for ’em? Now – hopefully – you can find yourself a new hiking buddy or two, as well as keep us up to date on your latest travels and local trail conditions.

You can use the forum as a guest, or you can sign up for a log-in to keep tabs on your posts via email, set up a profile, and all kind of other fun forum-based stuff. Just click on REGISTER up in the upper right hand corner of the page, and you’ll be good to go.

As always, if you have suggestions on additional forums or questions you’d like included in the FAQ, feel free to email me, post in the forum, or send me a message on Twitter.