I don’t know what your opinion of L.A. rain is, but overall I tend to like it. Despite the fear-for-your-life driving conditions, it’s a nice break from the constant sunshine and gives our backcountry some much-needed drinking water.

This most recent rainstorm has been pretty relentless, though – after an oddly cool summer and a few scorching days in the late fall, we’re now on track to have the wettest December in L.A. history, too. The heaviest rains are supposed to hit tonight and sadly, it looks like I’ll be on a plane back to New England before the rain clears for good hiking conditions.

So, with a very small holiday gift from me to you, I just wanted to remind everyone who’s staying in L.A. through Christmas that the few days after a rain-storm are the BEST times to hike here.

I’ve already written up a short guide to the Best Post-Rain Hikes in L.A., and some helpful commenters have added their own suggestions to the list.

If you lace up and head out anywhere after this rain stops, be sure to take your camera – I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. And to everyone else – have a safe and happy holiday, wherever and however you spend it!


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