Native Plants Shirt Designed by Vivian Rowe

Show your love of local hikes and local plants in this exclusive design by artist Vivian Rowe

Modern Hiker has trails from all over the West, but it was founded in Los Angeles and oh boy are we a bunch of native plant nerds, too. If you ever run into a Modern Hiker writer on the trail, the odds of one of us talking your ear off about an Englemann oak or showing you how toyons are how we really ring in the holiday season are pretty high.

We think knowing the plants that grow in your biological neighborhood is an important step toward putting down roots of your own, growing both your hiking and your outdoor community. That’s why we’re so thrilled to show off this original, exclusive design by L.A. artist Vivian Rowe.

You’ve got a beautiful California poppy on the front — and on the back you’ll see a sampling of some of our iconic flora, which will help you on your journey of becoming a bonafide naturalist … or at least sounding a little bit smarter when you’re hiking with friends.

The shirts come in a variety of beautiful colors — and there’s a women’s slim fit cut, too. Like all of our Bonfire shirts, this design will run for a limited time, but if it’s successful we’ll bring it back for another go. 

All proceeds go toward keeping Modern Hiker a robust (and FREE) source of hiking information and analysis for millions of readers worldwide, so thank you!