The BASF Chemical Company has gone and made a dreamhouse for everyone: the Near Zero Energy House.

Built in Paterson, New Jersey as a model home for a disadvantaged family, the house manages to be state of the art, inexpensive to build, and ‘normal-looking.’ ‘Cause as cool as we might think they look, no neighborhood is going to let a Jetsons-style space-pod settle down in their cul-de-sac without a fight.

The big selling point for this home, though, is the fact that it uses 80% less energy than a comparable ‘traditional’ house. And that, combined with the efficient construction materials, easy installation, and strong structural elements that can cut down on insurance and maintenance costs, and you’ve got yourself a house that’s both affordable and keeps its value over time.

As such, it’s going to used as a template for a 3,000 unit low-income housing project in New Jersey, which should have a huge impact on the energy consumption of Paterson.

Also, it looks pretty swank on the interior.

Via Treehugger.

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