JMT09-115 The first round of Mount Whitney permits should be arriving for the lucky lottery winners very shortly – and I’m very excited to announce that my team has been approved for an August 30th ascent! w00t!

If you didn’t get a permit, though, or if you’re just really, really late to the application process, there’s still hope for you. Next week, Adventure 16‘s will host Sierra Mountaineering International’s Kurt Wedberg once again, in an informational lecture with tips on gear, trip planning, and how to still get on the summit in 2010 even if you didn’t get a first round permit.

The slideshow presentations start at 7PM, and are preceded by a Happy Hour featuring wines from Redwood Creek and beers from the North Coast Brewing Company. As an added bonus, visitors will also get $25 in Icebreaker Bucks to use toward a purchase of $100 or more in Icebreaker gear.

I’ve previously mentioned my recent conversion to the cult of Icebreaker while in New Zealand – their merino gear is super soft, durable, and wicks sweat like nobody’s business – but even if the pricetag puts you off, it’s worth checking out the fabric for yourself if you’re there for the Whitney talk.

Monday, April 12 – Oceanside
Tuesday, April 13 – Solana Beach
Wednesday, April 14 – San Diego
Thursday, April 15 – Tarazana
Friday, April 16 – West LA

Happy Hour starts at 6, Slideshow at 7!

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