Some much-needed rain has been falling on southern California all week, and should continue through the weekend.

Despite the odd local effect of drivers’ brains flying out of their heads whenever precipitation is in the air, rain is very nice in L.A. I actually took off my hat and jacket while walking in to work today to soak in a little bit of moisture.

But besides reminding us transplanted East Coasters that yes, weather does exist, the rain will also make hiking visibility outstanding once it clears and – more importantly – give us a nice layer of snow above 5000 feet.

If the weather is nice (and you’ve got some chains or good snow tires), the Sunset Peak trail I just wrote up will be a great place to get some snow and views of Baldy, without having to deal with the inevitable logjam of cars on the way to the chairlifts at Mount Baldy Village.

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