Last week, I came across a post from a local blogger about a place in the Angeles National Forest called “Monkey Canyon.” Not on any maps and unofficially named, the area appears to be a popular swimming hole and rugged hike for those in-the-know. It has rough canyons, big drops, and cold streams.

It looks like it would be a lot of fun to get to — if the area wasn’t nearly covered over in graffiti.


Regardless, this is not a leisurely stroll-in-and-swim hike. This is some serious off-trail scrambling and climbing, wading through waist-deep water in flash flood zones, and maneuvering around steep drop-offs. It is not for anyone who doesn’t know exactly what they’re getting in to — a lesson two men learned today when they were rescued from the canyon and hospitalized.

They’d both fallen off the trail — one 50 feet onto land, the other wedged between boulders in the water.

State & Lake has a post with some great information on Monkey Canyon, including some directions to the ‘trailhead’-ish area and some more warnings. Also, there’s a story about Bigfoot hiding out among the cliff-divers.

Huh. I always figured him for more of a Pacific Northwest boutique-coffee kinda guy.

Image by em crack.

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