Modern Hiker on This Week in Travel

We had the pleasure of joining Jen Leo and Chris Christensen on This Week In Travel, a fun, casual conversation about travel news and tips. Jen writes for a ton of travel outlets, including the L.A. Times’ Web Buzz column, while Chris’s Amateur Traveler is one of the longest-running and most comprehensive travel podcasts around.

In this week’s episode we talked about traveling into countries with questionable stability, what to do when you’re abroad and an emergency situation arises, and when, exactly, is the best time to buy airfare. We also got into hiking (naturally) and shared some of our favorite travel tips, sites, and apps.

You can watch the video version of the podcast or stream the audio below, or you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Hikes and Scary Things – This Week in Travel 193

Hikes and Scary Things – This Week in Travel 193

Image “Lonely Traveler” by JD Hancock. Used by Creative Commons license.