A few weeks ago I headed to the Luxuria Music studios to be a guest on their show RPM, which is a very cool interview show that basically gives you a musical biography of the subject. I picked a bunch of songs I love and used them to talk about my life growing up in New England, going to college in Boston, and moving out to California to discover the wild worlds of television writing and hiking.

The hiking stuff comes in later on in the show, but if you were at all interested in your humble webmaster’s origin story or musical tastes, it’s worth checking out. I had a blast recording this and really enjoyed getting to nerd out about music, history, geography, and yes – a bit of hiking.

The podcast is a little over an hour long and honestly I could have kept going for much longer. So head on over to RPM episode page and scroll down to the bottom to download the MP3 – and if you enjoy it, be sure to check out some of the other great people who’ve been interviewed for RPM, including Paul Lacques from I See Hawks In L.A. and art designer for Pee Wee’s Playhouse (and subject of the awesome documentary Beauty is Embarrassing) Wayne White.

Enjoy – and let me know if you want to know some of the songs I didn’t get to during the taping – maybe I’ll post a Spotify playlist or something 🙂

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