Tom Mangan’s Two-Heel Drive was not only one of the first hiking blogs around, but it was also a major source of inspiration for me to start this hiking blog – which is why it’s so nice to be on his list of Top Ten Hiking Blogs.

The list was determined by four criteria:

* Timeliness: Newsy, relevant, plugged in to the latest doings and technology.
* Stamina: We’ve all got a few blog posts in us, but the best bloggers keep at it for years.
* Trail-tested authority: These folks never come home clean on a Sunday night.
* Compelling personal testimony: Full of stories that bear repeating.

Modern Hiker is in very good company, too – Tom has highlighted fellow Angeleno (and sometimes hiking buddy) The Hike Guy, as well as old favorites like Best Hike and new discoveries like Trail Cooking & The Great Outdoors.

All the listed sites are definitely worth a visit or add to your RSS reader of choice.

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