Modern Hiker App Update 2.11

Our Modern Hiker mobile app just got a fancy new little update from our friends at TOTAGO.

Version 2.11 makes it even easier to take all the expert trail knowledge you get at Modern Hiker onto the trail with you, with or without a cellular signal. 

You can continue to access our complete growing library of over 700 in-depth trail guides throughout the American West, but the new update will help make it easier to search in-app. Now you can search specific trails and regions by name, and not just by location.

The map navigation and browsing has also been improved, and we’re bringing some of the Hike Finder functionality to the web, too. Now you can easily filter dog-friendly trails, trails that are good for camping, kid and family friendly routes, and multi-use trails. You can also easily toggle searches for trails with decent shade and waterfalls, too.

screenshots of the modern hiker app

Of course, you can still filter trails by distance, difficulty, and time.

The app is available for download on iOS and Android with a free download included.