Earth-conscious clothing company Mission Playground had a big move from San Diego to the Bay Area this year, but it didn’t stop them from getting a new line of products out for the Fall/Winter.

The move closer to Haight / Ashbury seems to have informed many of the designs for the hugely expanded line — no more robots or telephone pole forests here. But the colors are suitably earth-toned for the outdoor crowd — with graphics and messages that will announce your outdoorsperson status to the world at large.

The Mission Playground folks were nice enough to send me a few samples of their organic cotton t-shirts, which are just as soft as the 2-year old MP shirt I’ve got hanging in my closet. This stuff lasts.

Check out some of the new line over at the Mission Playground web site … and, if you like the older stuff, most of it’s half-off right now!


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