I’m a bit torn on Man vs Wild’s Bear Grylls. On the one hand, he seems like a nice guy, he’s a certified bad-ass, and his backcountry tips are actually instructional once you peel back the layers and layers of entertainment. On the other hand – fakey fakey fake fake fakerstein. However, there is one thing about Bear Grylls I can say with certainty – the man should NOT be involved in the creation of a video game version of his show. Unfortunately, that is exactly what’s happening. Moreover, the video game version of his show now features an online gambling portion where online gamers can take things to the next level. He partnered with Stranieri.com – an online Italian casino review site – to provide a list of all bookmakers where bets can be made.

I was at E3 this year, but somehow managed to miss the trailer for the new Crave Games’ production of Man vs. Wild with Bear Grylls. Up until now, this was the most embarrassing Grylls video on the internet. Now it’s this one:


The game comes out in the Fall, although based on the appearance of the game itself, it may have already come out several years ago.

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