Reader Sambieni left a post in the forums looking for some nearby backpacking suggestions, and I figured I’d cross-post it here for a little more attention:

Just moved to LA few months back and love Modern Hiker….

The last week of April I have 3 days off and looking for a good 3 day backpack within 4-5 hours of West LA – not Malibu and preferably not Joshua Tree as prefer not carry water in/out. It will be a solo trip and since I am still bit in my winter hibernating shape looking for a relatively easy/flatter backpack. Looking for about 5-9 miles a day, limited elevation, lots of beauty. Loop preferred. Prefer an easy/quick day out to race back to LA.

Nto sure what is open in Sequoias or elsewhere this time of year?

Any ideas out there? Really welcome folks’ thoughts.

It’s not a loop, but Sespe River is a nice, flat trek with some great scenery. And if he’s got three days, he could venture a bit further into the forest to hit up some hot springs, too.

By the end of April, snow is usually gone from most of the San Gabriels – but we had an extra wet season this year so I’m not sure how long the ice will linger at higher elevations – I remember seeing some snow on Twin Peaks at the end of May a few years back. If it’s clear, you can do some great, hardcore loops around the Three Tees Trail and Mount Baldy.

Do you guys have any favorite nearby treks to share?

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