Another New England transplant wrote me this morning (how many of us are there here? You guys all want to get together to try to find good apple cider?) because she wants to take advantage of the the big REI Anniversary Sale before it’s over. Her target: New boots. She writes:

Wanted to see if you have any advice on good brands. I used to have high-top ones for ankle support, but I rarely hike with a big pack anymore and mostly just do day hikes, so I figure I maybe don’t need to buy big ol’ heavy ones.

I’m partial to the high-top boots myself, and recommended the Vasque Breeze, a lightweight, superbreatheable high-top that’s done me very well for over two years on short day hikes and 3-day backpacking trips. As luck would have it, both the
versions are on sale, too.

… but since I’ve already found my preferred boot, I’m not much help if she gets to the store and doesn’t dig the Vasques. So does anyone else have a favorite lightweight boot or low-top hiking shoe? Share! And hurry up, the sale’s almost over.

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