Hey everybody.

So it looks like everything is back up and running semi-smoothly. Please be patient with the site, as I fool around with some redesigns, streamlining, and other fun kinds of modernization. Feel free to comment here with suggestions and opinions. What do you want to see more prominently? What do or don’t you like about the design? Is it easy enough to find what you’re looking for?

All that sort of stuff.

Also, the Trail Map is broken for the time being. There’s some coding issue with the new WordPress and Cyberhobo’s awesome GeoMashup plugin – and they’re working on them. I’m no code-wizard, so I’m just gonna sit back and fix what I can on my end first.

Also — be sure you’re updating your links from modernhiker.dreamhosters.com to just plain ol’ mho.dev. The mirror should work for a little while longer, but I’ll be taking it down soon.