Let’s Reclaim The Vandals’ Hashtags

By now, you all know how I feel about this Casey Nocket / Creepytings National Parks vandalism story – I want to make sure that once the Viral News Spotlight turns to its next story, we don’t forget that trash and graffiti are still far too prevalent in our National, State, and Local Parks and Forests.

This morning, I was inspired by an Instagram post from Modern Hiker reader R. J. Soria, who spent his Saturday cleaning up trash from Hermit Falls.


I love that he’s taking this story and using it as inspiration to get his hands dirty while improving and protecting a place we all know and love. And that got me thinking.

For the next few weeks, instead of just sharing your best outdoor photography for our Photo Friday contests, we’d like to see some photos of you or your friends helping out at a park. Whether you’re picking up trash, volunteering as a docent, or planting some trees – snap a photo and share it with us using both the hashtag #modernhiker AND either #CaseyNocket or #Creepytings (we’ll forgive you if you can’t fit all of them on a Twitter share!)

This week, we’ll pick our three favorite inspirational photos and they’ll each be receiving a gift pack of CLIF Bars‘ seasonal flavors, which includes the coveted Iced Gingerbread bar – a flavor I will totally fight you for if we’re both going for the last one at Trader Joe’s.


If you don’t already have some great volunteering shots or you can’t get out before Friday don’t worry – we’ve got another great giveaway lined up for next week, too. Call your favorite park to see if they have any work days scheduled soon – or just take a trash bag with you on your next hike and pack out more than what you packed in!

If you work for a company that would like to help us inspire more outdoor volunteerism, please send us an email at hello at mho.dev. Thanks!