Remember this coming Sunday is Earth Day. And remember, if you’re near a Home Depot store, to swing by and pick up one of the one million free compact fluorescent bulbs the chain is handing out as part of its Eco-Options Campaign.

Installing CFLs in your home or apartment is one of the easiest ways to ‘green-up’ your lifestyle. They last ten times as long as regular incandescent bulbs, can use up to 75% less energy, and work with your existing fixtures. The main problem people seem to have with them is they’re more expensive up-front than that old 19th Century technology, but now that the Depot’s giving ’em away for free, you’ve got no excuse.

Home Depot estimates its Million Bulb Giveaway will result in $12 million in saved energy costs and eliminating 196 million pounds of CO2 – which is like removing 70,000 cars from American highways.