nullA delegation from Munich has arrived in Los Angeles to help advise on the plan to restore the L.A. River from a concrete open sewer to an actual, gosh-darn-it river.

Apparently, way back when, Munich’s Isar River was also a dammed and sealed drainage channel, but over the years has been revitalized into an urban greenspace, complete with parks, swimming areas, and even a permanent surfing wave. And although the river does still have some high germ levels (due to some sewage treatment plants upstream, currently being upgraded), it’s still a great example of what L.A. can do with its much-neglected waterway.

Read more about the plans, events, and photo ops on Tom LaBonge’s site. If anyone knows how to plan something, it’s a German Delegation.

Here’s hoping for a fully green L.A. River that some of us may actually get to enjoy during our lifetime!

Image by Fire Monkey Fish

Via Curbed LA.

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