Hey everyone – I have a favor to ask you.

L.A. Weekly is now taking nominations for their 4th annual Web Awards – an always excellent collection of the best and coolest L.A. blogs, web sites, Twitter accounts and apps. Here’s a short description of the kinds of things they’re looking for:

The Web Awards celebrate all that’s awesome on the internet, as well as the local go-getters who are making things happen online. That’s right, even though the internet knows no bounds, we want to honor the web-savvy self-starters who call L.A. home.

L.A. Weekly readers know what’s up, which is why we’re asking you to tell us about the best stuff you’ve seen, done and heard on the web. Who’s the blogger who determines what you do every weekend? Or who you vote for? Which web series do you find yourself sneaking at work?

If, over the years, you’ve gotten some good weekend / outdoor inspiration from Modern Hiker or used it to prove to friends that yes, there IS wilderness in L.A., I’d appreciate it if you headed to their Nominations Page and gave me a little love. There isn’t necessarily an Outdoor Category (although there should be!), so instead I’d suggest putting me down for Best Sports Blog and / or Best City App for the Modern Hiker App (coming soon to Android!).

You can fill in names or use URLs – and you don’t have to fill out something for every category if you don’t want to. Nominations are accepted through 11:59PM on Thursday, June 6th.

Thanks, everyone! Keep your fingers crossed!

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