By now, you guys should know the drill for this — the Clymb continually offers an amazing selection of first-rate outdoor gear at deep discounted prices, but only for very limited times.

Right now, they’ve got a great selection of Keen footwear – those shoes with the boxy toe-guards that we hikers seem to love so much. I always rock a pair of Keen water shoes when I’m doing a big river hike like the Bridge to Nowhere – they dry quickly, they’re comfortable to walk in, and I never stub my toe on any of the thousands of rocks I have to hop over.

In case you’ve missed their other deals, the Clymb is a membership-only site, but luckily for you, membership is free! Even luckier for you if you’re a Clymb noob, from now through July 18th they’re giving you $10 credit just for signing up! So sign up now, then snag yourself a great pair of Keens!

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