nullOver the weekend, I was quoted as part of an L.A. Times story on cellphone reception in the wilderness areas around the Los Angeles Metro area.

Friend of the site and local hiker Alana Semuels lays out the differences between carriers in the area. Short story: T-Mobile? Sucks. AT&T? Not bad, in spots. Maybe that 3G GPS-enabled iPhone is worth it after all.

I tried to do my duty as a Responsible Hiker to offer some sound safety advice, as well as take digs at Runyon Canyon Blackberry Hikers. Guess which made it into the Pulitzer prize-winning paper’s story.

Anyone out there have some love ’em or leave ’em stories about cell phones in the wild? I used to keep mine on during a hike to use as a watch, even when I lost reception. But after getting a few “urgent” messages from friends and family without being able to call back for 5 or 6 hours, I started stowing it in the OFF position and have never turned back.

Image by Jasoneppink