I’m Joining The Wild

A quick item of relatively big news — from October through the end of the year, yours truly will be taking over the writing duties for The Wild, the outdoor-focused LA Times weekly newsletter!

The newsletter was launched in mid 2020 and initially helmed by veteran journalist Mary Forgione. Her writing was exceptional and inspirational, and when she retired earlier this year the folks at the Times wanted to try out some new voices in the mix. I am happy to follow in her well trodden boot tracks (along with Weekend Sherpa contributor Matt Pawlik and likely a few other folks down the road).

I’m excited to try out some new things with this newsletter and would be happy to have you along for the … Wild ride (sorry, I had to). You can sign up for the newsletter and find the archives here.

Also, if you or someone you know is doing something interesting in the outdoors — in any capacity — or if there are events or meet-ups you think other outdoorsy folks would dig knowing about, be sure to drop me a line!

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