nullWhen I saw the phrase “Connecticut Hikers” on my Hiker Hell feed this morning, I absolutely had to click-through. Even though I’ve been in California for over 5 years, now, I still like to keep tabs on my old Nutmeg State stomping grounds.

When I read that the lost hikers were on Ragged Mountain, I realized this story was not only in my old state, but actually in my hometown! Score one for Berlin, Connecticut — Home of the Yankee Peddler.

Ragged Mountain isn’t big by any standards, but it is a bit isolated from the rest of civilization in the area. It’s no Denali, but I could see how someone might get lost up there if they were unprepared. Thankfully, the two lost hikers were rescued without any problem, and everyone probably learned a valuable lesson.

Now I wonder if they were anyone I know …

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