Sparky One of the most commonly asked questions I get is “Can I take my dog on this trail?”

The short answer on my FAQ page is “Generally, YES on Federal Land, NO on State Land” – but it’s not always the case … and in areas like the Santa Monica Mountains, where there’s a complicated patchwork of federal, state, and local parklands, the answer’s not always that clear, either.

I love hiking with dogs, but I don’t have one myself so I don’t always take note of the pooch provisions when I get to the trailheads around L.A., but thankfully, someone at the L.A. Times decided to do a lot of legwork for us and our four-footed friends.

A new interactive feature called Sit. Stay. Hike. showcases 19 local trails and hiking areas where Fido is welcome, each with some nice Google Earth flyovers and links to more detailed information, like safety tips.

It’s a very well put-together resource for anyone who wants to take their dogs on the trail with them and doesn’t feel like putting up with the crowds at Runyon.

via LAist.

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