Fall Trip 2006 074 It’s about that time of year again – the summer is unofficially over, school busses are back on the streets, and the temperature starts to cool. A little bit. It’s also the time of year that all of L.A.’s outdoorsy East Coasters start instinctively checking the National Forest foliage reports, planning trips to the San Bernardino Aspen Grove and wondering why there aren’t any Dunkin’ Donuts west of Vegas.

It is with perfect timing, then, that the New York Times published their feature on one writer’s attempt to hike the six highest points in each state in New England.

A good number of the San Gabriels are probably tougher than these hikes and most have much more elevation gain (Rhode Island’s Jerimoth Hill is only 812 feet), but the scenery is great and there are tasty microbreweries in just about every trailhead town. If you’re going to be anywhere near New England this fall, it may be worth your time to start planning a trip to one of these peaks … or maybe the article will inspire you to take a trip, too!

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