nullHiking takes center stage in the July issue of Los Angeles Magazine, with “10 Great Hikes (and 5 easy walks)” blasted across what appears to be a photo from the Chumash Trail in Point Mugu State Park.

There’s a brief intro to the series on the LA Mag’s web site, but the magazine’s worth picking up – even if just for the great trail photos.

Some of my personal favorites are covered, like La Jolla Valley, Sandstone Peak, and the Bridge to Nowhere, and they also highlight some areas I haven’t been to yet, like the Fish Canyon Narrows.

The magazine did a good job of pointing out some great local trails, although their recommendation for Mount Lowe follows the old railway grade and misses all the great ruins at Echo Mountain.

They also rightly call Runyon Canyon a “power walk,” not a hike. I hope they get as many impassioned, defensive letters as I have over the years 🙂

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