For some reason, the New York Times wanted to know about hiking and camping gear for our four-legged canine companions, and trekked all the way out here to the Santa Monica Mountains to ask the owner of dog walking company Lewis and Bark (+10 points for historical reference name) what some of her favorite trail gear for dogs was.

She recommends the Mountainsmith dog pack and a collapsible Kelty dog dish, which are both great additions for your next hike with the pooch. In the dogs I’ve hiked with, even the ones who’ve never had a pack on before take to it pretty well. It gives ’em a job to do, and it lightens your load if you don’t have to carry their water in your pack.

But she shows some questionable taste when she recommends puppy sized fleece jackets, booties, and a $60 inflatable dog bed from REI. Actually, I can see the booties helping to prevent thorns and sharp rocks poking your pooch’s paws if they can get over the embarrassment, but that dog bed is inexcusable.

Read the entire photo-article over at the New York Times website.

Anyone have any favorite dog-hiking items they want to share?


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