IMG_505940 years ago, a 13 year old boy from La Canada Flintridge named Tim Taylor climbed Sequoia National Park’s Milestone Mountain and left a note at the summit with his name and address, asking whoever summited next to write him a letter. Last month, Oakland resident Larry Wright stumbled upon the note while on an 11-day trek with his similarly-aged grandson and other family members and is now trying to get in touch with the earlier teen summiteer, according to the Times.

Tim doesn’t live in La Canada Flintridge anymore, and now the Wrights are on a mission to try to track him down to share their story and answer the note.

I think this is a pretty awesome story – and I hope people can help them track down Mr. Taylor now that the story’s hit the internet.

Whenever there’s a summit register I always sign it with my name and date and a little story – I never know what happens to them after I leave but I know I love looking back in the notebook to see who else has made their way to the summit and what they thought of the trails. What about you guys? Do you like looking back to peek into other hikers’ trail-experiences? Do you leave fun notes or drawings or words of encouragement for those who come after you’ve gone back to the trailhead?

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