Distance (round-trip)

2.5 mi


1 hrs

Elevation Gain

20 ft




The Lynx Lake Recreational Trail encompasses the border of Lynx Lake, a 55 acre man-made lake located in Prescott, Arizona. This is a very easy and gentle hike around a refreshing lake that offers lots of shade.

The best way to start this trail is to park at the South Shore. This is where the marina is located and there are plenty of parking spaces. This is a $5 cash fee required for day use, so be sure to have money handy. Near this area there are picnic tables and shady spots to sit and relax before or after your hike.

Once you are parked, head toward the eastern side of the parking lot and follow it down until you see the trail marker. Or you can also follow the outskirts of the lake and you will eventually run into the dirt path.

Throughout the entirety of this hike, the trail is an easy dirt path that’s mostly flat and simple to keep track of. While there is no swimming allowed in this lake (boo!), there is a boat rental area. You will likely see a number of kayaks, canoes and a few fishing boats out there on the water.

Heading east, you may see that the water level will be low, so there may be a portion or section where you are hiking around the exposed bottom of the lake.

As you curve around this bare section, the trail will become shaded by the tall trees encircling the lake. There will be a slight incline up and then as you are heading north, you will hiking right along the actual lake.

It’s a very soothing feeling as you gently glide along hearing the ripples of the lake’s dainty movements.

As you approach the northern end, you will see the lake’s earthen dam along the side of you, along with a concrete wall. There’s a trail sign on the wall that will keep you hiking toward the left and therefore heading back to the southern section.

Along this side of the lake, you will pass by the boat rental area. This part will likely be a little more populated, seeing as how people are coming and going from picking up their boats. The route will also now become a paved pathway.

As you continue the trail will take you up toward the road that you came in from. It will continue along the side of the road until you approach the marina end.

This is a great summer hike to also bring kids and dogs, too. Every hiker of any skill level will be able to do this hike and enjoy it. The trees provide shade along most of this trail and it is extremely relaxing as you look out to the lake views.


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Nikki soger Jun 9, 2020 17:06

Hiked here over the weekend. Gorgeous views. Fresh air and pine trees. Very nice.

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