When I did the Big Parade earlier this year, one of the most fascinating stops was downtown’s Bonaventure Hotel. The hotel was built in the 70s as an example of what a ‘postmodern city’ could be, but when we marched through it I kept thinking it looked like a Next Generation setpiece or a part of the Citadel from Mass Effect.


This Saturday, October 8th, The Big Parade‘s Dan Koeppel will lead a one hour walk with the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design in, through, and around the hulking hotel starting at 3:30PM.

This event is free and open to the public. Participants are asked to meet at Angel’s Flight (252 S. Hill Street). There will be water and juice boxes throughout the walk, and an optional cash-and-conversation bar at the Bonaventure after the walk is over.

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