You may have noticed a new little set of links along the left hand side of the site recently. This is because Modern Hiker is proud to be part of the initial group of Premium Content Providers for EveryTrail’s new Guide program.

I’ve used EveryTrail since it started, and have always found it to be a cut above many of the other online trail sharing sites in terms of ease of use and wealth of information. Earlier this year, I reviewed their mobile phone app and found a lot to like. The app has been updated and improved (although still lacks a true topo map mode), and now they’ve added these Guides both to the app and the site itself.

A Guide is basically a beefier version of a standard EveryTrail write-up. They include much more information, technical details, and full-resolution photos. More importantly, when you purchase a Guide, you’ll be able to download all of the information (maps included) to your phone – so you’ll be able to use the guide even where you can’t get a cell phone signal.

A growing list of Modern Hiker Guides are available alongside other great trail writers like Calipidder, Trailspotting, Two-Heel Drive, SoCal Hiker and more, and range from tough multi-day slogs to walks along Boston’s Freedom Trail.

In other guide news, I recently found out that Modern Hiker will be included in one of the best old-school guidebooks around next year. In the upcoming Third Edition of the Lonely Planet Los Angeles / Southern California Guidebook, Modern Hiker will be included as a recommended online resource for hikers!

I’m very excited about this, as Lonely Planet has always been my favorite guidebook publisher and I always pick up their books whenever I’m headed out to explore a new area. Look for the new edition sometime late 2010 or early 2011!

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