nullThis Thursday, October 30th, the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission will be holding a meeting to determine whether or not to recommend Griffith Park as a Historic-Cultural Monument.

The title change wouldn’t just give the 4200+ acre park a fancier title on its business cards, either — it would protect both the open space and existing structures from future development plans without extensive review — including bizarro plans like the 2005 proposal to add multi-story parking garages and aerial trams.

The designation is notable in that it would protect the park in its entirety — preserving its overall character and design in the face of anyone trying to make a quick buck — and elevate it to the level of Golden Gate Park, Balboa Park, and Central Park, which all also share the same Historic-Cultural Monument title. Additionally, as an LA Times Letter to the Editor points out, preventing development inside Griffith Park would essentially force L.A. to develop new parks throughout the city, instead of focusing all its efforts on one central park.

If you can make the meeting, it’s at 10AM in Room 350 of City Hall. Otherwise, visit the Friends of Griffith Park site to sign up for info, and be sure to contact your city council member to let them know how you feel.

Image by Marcy Reiford.

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