Everybody loves a good deal – especially on outdoor equipment that can take a pretty hefty chunk out of your monthly budget. Luckily, we’ve got a few good ways to get outdoor gear at slashed prices – clearance sales, REI Member Sales, and a new breed of online sales sites. I’ve already written about The Clymb, a limited-run sale site that focuses on outdoor gear – and now a new contender is joining the ranks.

LeftLane Sports is similar to the Clymb, but differs in two main ways – first, it seems to focus a bit more on gear for hikers and backpackers, and second, you can get store credit just for telling other people about the site.

Right now, they’re right in the middle of a backpack clearance – this week, it’s a selection of great Gregory packs all 50% off or more. On May 10th, they’ll be back with a new selection of Columbia Gear, and the guys who run the site said they’re getting ready for a huge footwear sale in the next few weeks.

I know a lot of you have enjoyed the deals on the Clymb, so I have a feeling you’ll dig this stuff, too – and unlike other quick-sale sites, some of the items stick around for a little while after their official run is over, so you can still get some good deals on some running shoes and athletic wear they ran in earlier sales.

The site is members-only, but membership is free. So click on through, grab what you can, and stay tuned for future sale … and, if you’d like to do this humble hiking blogger a solid, tell ’em Casey at mho.dev sent ya!

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